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The beating heart of Wartenfelser - Our team

Because being a TEAM is important to us, this principle is reflected in our management structure. Since 2022, we have established a management group comprising colleagues from the different departments, which makes all important decisions and sets strategic directions together with the company management. Due to these different competencies and characters, we ensure diversity of views and also achieve risk minimization in all important decisions.

Kathrin Gruber
Marco Gruber
Marco GruberPlant infrastructure / Deputy CEO and authorized signatory Member of the management
Ute Dürrbeck
Ute DürrbeckHuman resources / accounting Deputy CEO and authorized signatory Member of the management
Uew Greis
Uew GreisHead of project management / CIP management / Member of the management
Gerd Sacher
Gerd SacherHead of quality management / controlling / head of IT / Member of the management
Peter Volland
Peter VollandHead of procurement / Member of the management
Horst Buckl
Horst BucklHead of technical
Reinhold Wartenfelser
Reinhold WartenfelserBid
Thomas Stich
Thomas StichProject
Konrad Wenning
Konrad WenningProject
Lena Hofmann
Lena HofmannProject
Katrin Metzger
Katrin MetzgerHead of the order processing center / marketing / Commercial
Kevin Brodmerkel
Kevin BrodmerkelProduction planning Order processing
Benjamin Hoffmann
Benjamin HoffmannHead of injection
Woldemor Ling
Woldemor LingLeitung
Oliver Schmitt
Oliver SchmittHead of injection
Markus Reitmayer
Markus ReitmayerDeputy head of quality
Angelika Nein
Angelika NeinOffice management /
Anna Bierlein
Anna BierleinOffice Management /
Lena Güttler
Lena GüttlerOffice management /
Nadja Chomitsch
Nadja ChomitschQuality assurance serial
Yalcin Güngör
Yalcin GüngörHead of moldmaking
Jan Lösch
Jan LöschDeputy head of moldmaking / Instructor for moldmaking
Christian Götz
Christian GötzHead of
Thomas Reichenbecher
Thomas ReichenbecherApplication technology
Jonas Baier
Jonas BaierConstruction
Tim Blankenbühler
Tim BlankenbühlerMold
Viktor Stork
Viktor StorkHead of injection molding in Aurachtal
Hassan Mehdi
Hassan MehdiInternal
Nihat Erdogan
Nihat ErdoganShipment
HolyHealth Manager
NeraHealth Manager
Technical Injektion molding and moldmaking
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